Summer sailing,2016.

Well well, it haven’t been written much on this blog lately, but here comes a summary of what have happen during the summer. After the Norwegian trip in May, we traditionally spent “midsummer” at Kalvö/Lindö island. The weather was nice so we spent the rest of June sailing around north “Bohuslän” the Swedish west coast.

July 2. I took the train to the city Kalmar where my friend had his  yacht “S/Y Esmeralda ” a  37′ Fantasi lying. My mission was to help him sail around his boat south Sweden to the west coast of Sweden where he would like to spend the summer this year.

July 19. Today we head out with Crusader for a short trip with our grandchild Ida Harlin (8 year) onboard. This is the first time for her to be out with us (grandparents) sailing and stay overnight. Next day we picked up the rest of her family and her little sister Thilde (2 year) in Mollösund. Now we went to “Slubbersholmen” lagoon for swimming and relaxing on the beach. air temp 81 F (27 C). After a wonderful day together we said back to Mollösund and drop the family Harlin of. Due to the excellent weather and promising forecast was for rest of the week, Inger and I decided to keep on sailing as long the nice weather stay. We sailed to Vallerö,Käringön, Lysekil,Röbäcks kile, and then Koljefjord around the big island Orust to our home Stenungsund. We were back Sunday July 24.


A beautiful old “Swan 48 or 50” designed by Sparkman&Stephens anchored next to us at Vallerö island.


July 25 – August 13.  No sailing, Crusader moored at her home berth.

August 14. The forecast for the upcoming week was warm and nice weather with moderate winds (kind of Indian summer) so we head out with Crusader  for another round trip in Bohuslän archipelago. After a couple of days Tuesday august 16 when we were at Smögen fisherman village S/Y Geist with Christian and Ing-Marie show up and joined us for the rest of the week. We sailed north bound to “Sannäsfjorden“, Strömstad, and then North-Koster Island. At N-Koster we met S/Y Swordfish with Marcus and his family onboard. We all were invited to Swordfish for a shrimp party that evening. Marcus have been able to get fresh shrimps from his friend Christer who is a fisherman and owner of the Fishing boat “Axö”. We all enjoyed the party so much so we forgot the time,,,we didn’t got back to our boats until early next morning.


S/Y GEIST and S/Y Crusader tied together at Lammön, Sannäsfjorden.

August 20. We left Koster in the morning and head south to Bovallstrand for fueling at the Marina. After a quick visit at Bovallstrand we dropped anchor in the cove north Bovallstrand at Valö. All 4 SXK-bouys were  already occupied by other sailboats.Off course another day of head wind,,,so motoring again. I haven’t use the engine so many hours before as I have this year,,,always wind in your nose.

August 21. Today we all decide to sail south to “Fiskebäckskil” and “Lyckans slip”. No wind so we were motoring all the way. Still hot weather and temp in the 80:s (25-28 C). The evening was spent together with Christian and Ing-marie on Geist on Crusader. We all talked about how warm and nice weather we have had this week. Some places in Sweden    reported record high temps,,,,,,,,Global Warming????


view of Smögen Harbor

August 22. Today we split up and Crusader went home the south route through “Stigfjorden“to Stenungsund.Today “No wind” at all, so again motoring to get home. Geist went the North route back to Stenungsund around the big island “Orust” and “Koljefjorden”.









August 23 –  september 7. No sailing, Crusader moored at home harbor.

Next time Crusader heads out will be in September and “The annual last sailing week with S/Y GEIST and S/Y Franziska.  See you then,,

Fair Winds!!  //Conny S/Y Crusader







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