Midsummer at Kalvö/Lindö 2017

This years midsummer festivities turned out to be a memorable thing. We used to be 2-4 Swedish yachts but this year a flotilla of about 12 American sailing yachts ( 6 have crossed the Atlantic) and the other 6 was chartered here in Sweden. Together with the Swedish 5 yachts in this “tiny” harbor we were record high as 12 yachts and packed.The other who didn’t fit in were anchored outside in the bay. All together about 50-60  sailors were onboard those sail boats. I spotted brands like Hinckley, Morris,J-boat , Swan in the flotilla. What a surprise to meet so many US-people on this little remote island at Midsummer !!

This American group of sailors pertained to the “North American station of The Royal Scandinavian Yacht Clubs” conducted by Post Captain  Ernest L. Godshalk.. The Swedish host during their stay was GKSS (Gothenburg Royal Sail Club).

It is a small world,,! During the BBQ party ashore later that night I run into a couple from Maine, and it turned out that we had friends in common. The Canadian yacht “S/Y Morgans Cloud” with John  Harris and Phyllis Nickels out of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. We all took pics of us together with our smart phones and sent to them. What a surprise, small world.!

We left next day and waved goodbye to US-sailors and head North to Strömstad. The next coming days were pretty windy 20-30 knots with gusts up to 40knots from SW.

We sailed around for another week before we head home. The weather wasn’t  that pleasant.

BBQ with the American sailors

Kalvö/Lindö little harbor. fully packed.

the 2 faces to the left were friends to John & Phyllis

Here are the yachts which was anchored in the bay

Part of a long dinner table!! we had fun.

Even a Schooner was chartered

Packt harbor,

Two “midsummer decorated” American ladies

Very long table,,,50 persons at least.


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