Last trip ,,season 2017.

As we used to do Christian (sy/ Geist) and I ,, sail around in Bohuslän archipelago before we put our boats ashore for the winter. This year was not Stefan Brunzell on S/Y Franziska with us.

The first leg was to Bassholmen and a SXK-Bouy. We stayed over night and had a delicious  dinner onboard “Geist”. We have set up a “rule ” that we alternate between our boats about serving dinner. Fixed time is 7pm. That is a nice concept  we have worked out due to you are off from the stove every other day and don’t have to think about the dinner and the aftermath.

This year the route was as follow. Stenungsund-Bassholmen-Smögen-Gluppö-Weather islands-Kalvö/Lindö-Strömstad-Råssö-Musö lagoon-Hunnebostrand-Smögen- Slubbersholmen Lagoon- Stenungsund.

We visited Smögen twice and visited our friends and owners of the company “Rössy Kapell” which always treat customers nice and also invited us for breakfast following day. In case you want to upgrade to a new spray-hood or cover over your cockpit,,,  talk to Johan Plahn or Nils Plahn,ph# (+46 52332875),,,they will take care of you and do an excellent job. The company have been around within the family for generations. They are also main supplier to Hallberg/Rassy Yachts.

Johan Plahn also do fishing charter-tours. When we were in Smögen he came by with his fishing boat after a charter tour and hand over todays catch of mackerel and other food leftover from the tour. Very kind of Johan to feed “poor retired sailors”.

Crusader and Geist are now ashore and winterized, waiting for 2018 season. Our new overhauled engines for this season worked great!! Crusader have sailed 1015 Nm this year and the engine have run 170 hours. average fuel consumption was 1,7 liter/hour. Oil consumption “Zero”. I’m a “happy camper”  ,,,,It was worth the money and effort I put in last winter. The overhaul add up to about 2500€ + my labour of course which is free of charge. That in consideration of a Repowering project with a modern 3-cyl/ 3000+rpm engine , plus new bed and sail drive . All together will that cost easily  13-14000€. Now my fresh Penta MD11C/ 2300 rpm will last for another 4000-5000 hours use.

I will travel New Zeeland and see my friend Kent Borjesson this winter. He has a 55 footer blue water cruiser that I going to mustering on. He lives in the Wellington area so we will be out with his “S/Y Moonshadow” fore some weeks and explore Cooks straight and the archipelago and national park of the Northern part of  South Island. I’m excited!!!!

I will take pics during my sailing “down under” and post it later.

Take care and Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all.


Here are some pictures taken during our “Fall sailing”





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