Voyage 2016 to “Sörlandet” Norway. Part 1.

 16 days voyage to Norway.

May 25 S/Y Crusader and S/Y Geist took off for the southern part of Norway. Both sailboats were singlehanded, me on Crusader and Christian on Geist. We begin with a fairly long leg, Mollösund/ Sweden – Lillesand/ Norway,, about 100Nm. We crossed Skagerack over the night, it took us 17 hours and arrived at noon next day. We had close contact through the VHF radio during the night. We notified each other when one of us went to bed for a “Power nap” so one  kept the watch of both boats. We were at maximum 1/2 Nm apart. The weather was cooperative and at midnight the breeze died out so we have to motoring the last part. We had an agreement to keep a speed above 5 knots.

May 26,Lillesand is a neat little township were we rested to next day. About 19,00pm a little motorboat (8x3m) came in and docked next to us. The type of boat was typical Norwegian double ended  “Snäcka”. After a while we realized that he was alone too and Christian had little conversation with him in English what he was up to? Listen to this, he was a retired Russian fisherman from Murmansk and  have bought this little powerboat in Sandefjord/Norway and was on his way to  bring it home to Murmansk. That is a long way to go! I guess 1200 Nm and have to pass dangerous passage along the Norwegian western coastline and get around the North Cape of Europe. I hope he makes it,,,he had problems with his autopilot so he was concerned.

May 27 ,Mandal. we sailed further south to Mandal. We didn’t take the famous scenic route “Blindleja” (blind route) instead sailed on open sea. Mandal was our turning point and will take “Blindleja” on our way back. The Diesel price was 9,90/Litre NOK in Mandal (the rate NOK=SEK is the same nowadays) so we took the opportunity to fuel up. In Sweden the price is SEK14,10/litre. The night was spent on a walk in the town.



Statue of SkallagrimsonMandal


Mandal Harbor


the bridge over the river to the Opera house


skipper Christian on S/Y Geist, got a phone call


Crusader & Geist in Mandal.

May28, Ny Hellesund. Today we sailed to the famous Basin ” King Olav Bukta” at “Ny Hellesund” where we dropped anchor. This place was occupied by the Nazis during second world war and an outpost for Hitler to control Skagerack. The entire Island is digged out  like a Swiss cheese. Huge cannons was establish here during the war, their is still remaining to look at.The weather get better and better and the sun heat up the air to 23 degrees Celsius, and No rain so far during our voyage.The only entrance for a sailboat is the narrow south gap you can see on the picture below.


“King Olav Bukta”


On the way to “King Olav Bukta” Ny Hellesund.


Christian relaxing in Crusaders cockpit .


May 29. Today we were motoring the scenic route “Blind Leja” north to a bay south Lillesand where we dropped anchor and stayed over next day too due to rain and bad weather.

May 30. No sailing this day,,,reading books,,,and listen to the rain.

May 31 Grimstad. Todays destination is Grimstad where the famous Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen lived when he was young, there is also a Ibsen museum in town. We took a walk in the old town and also claimed up to the church on the top where we got a nice lookout of the harbor.


Christian at the monument of lost souls, next to the Church


Grimstad harbor


view Grimstad harbor


Grimstad Harbor


beautiful wooden sailboat (int 10 meter ??)

June 1 Tvedestrand. Today the wind came from northeast which is very unusual direction at this time of the year. In the summer the dominating directions on our latitudes are Nw,W,Sw, so once again we have to use the motor to Tvedestrand. We arrived in the afternoon and the harbor was fairly empty. Tvedestrand is a typical summer town with a lot of vacationers, but the season haven’t begin yet so it was pretty quiet. The nickname for Tvedestrand is ” the town of Books” there is a lot of antique bookstores. We also met the harbor master Rolf again now 80 years old and have been here for at least 20 years,,,he is a character so we spend some time with him.


Harbor master Rolf ,80 year


old town Tvedestrand, narrow streets.


June 2 Lyngör. Todays destination is Lyngör/island. Again Northeast wind so we have to burn diesel today too. Lyngör is an island with a lot history of tall ship owners/ skippers have lived in the past. There is also a sail loft located there (Doyle) in case of. Downstairs the loft there is a restaurant where you can get served outside along the wall and watch the sunset during your dinner. Lyngör is one of my favorite places on Norways “Sörlandet” (southland).At sunset a neat deer show up and joined us in the sunset.


Lyngör, sailoft and restaurant.


Our berth for the night at Lyngör.



A deer on a island.




Lyngör , restaurant and sail loft.




To be continued , Norway voyage 2016 Part 2.



Short singlehanded trip, west coast Sweden in May.

May 10, Head out with Crusader for 6 days in the archipelago of Bohuslan. This early of the season it is pretty empty out there. The weather was fine the first couple of days, the came a cold front from north with gale winds. My route was Slubbersholmen-Gluppö- Kalvö/Lindö- Weather Islands (Väderöarna)-Bohus/Malmön- Stenungsund.

May 11. Arrived Gluppö and got a SXK-bouy for the night. There is 4 Bouy’s and 2 was available the other 2 was occupied by 2 Norwegian boats. All of a sudden I heard Motorcycle noise on the rocky island, guess what? A couple of boys have transport their “motorcycles” on a barge way out here for practicing “trial”. That was a surprise . Took a picture when they were at the top.

May 12.  Sailed to Kalvö/Lindö in a SE breeze. No boats in the little harbour when I came, later in the afternoon a friend show up in his Maxi 999, Magnus Dahlgren.

May13. Weather has changed to much colder and overcast,, the wind came from N-NW 6-8m/s. I left Kalvö/Lindö at 10am and head south for Strömsund at Weather Islands my favorite place on the west coast of Sweden. The wind picked up at noon so run into a gale of 30-35knots (15-18m/s). It was tough to dock Crusader at Strömsund with a lot of wind & current in this tight sound. The Gale hang in there the entire night to about 10am next day.

May 14. Nice sailing all the way to Bohus/Malmön in a NW-W wind of 10m/s (20 knots). I only used the foresail and made 6-7 knots speed. I sailed outside soten this time down to Smögen. It was an offshore trip instead of a normal inshore route. At Bohus/Malmön Marina I took hot shower before I made my” supper”, it was cold out there today so I felt a little bit chilly. The harbor rate was 150:- SEK/day

May15. Left Bohus/Malmön Marina about 10 am and head for home. I took the inshore route east of the big island ” Orust”. Arrived home port at 17,00 pm. The wind condition was only 2-5 m/s so used the engine pretty much all the way.

Misc notice. My new “MAX-PROP feathering” propeller this year didn’t work satisfactorily for me. I have set the pitch the same as my old folding prop  10″. That was to less with this design so it was cavitating a lot and did not grip in the water as Expect. The blades on a MAX-PROP are pretty flat and not that aerodynamic as my old folding. Instead of change the pitch on this feathering MAX-PROP, I went back and installed a brand new GORI folding prop 16,5″x11″ and that came out perfect,,,no cavitation, and excellent grip in the water. Now I’m happy again!! By the way, my 17″ Feathering MAX-PROPP with variable setting of pitch is ” FOR SALE”!!!!!!!

Within a couple of days I will take Crusader to south Norway and explore the  Norwegian archipelago for some weeks. Will write reports when I get some time and internet.

Fair winds!!


Kalvö/Lindö old fisherman harbor




Crusader safe moored at Kalvö/Lindö




Gruppö with the Motorcycle on the top


Crusader moored at SXK-Bouy at Gluppö

Crusader is launched and ready for 2016 Season.

April 4 was the day when the Crane came and lift Crusader back to the water after close to 6 month ashore. This winters upgrades beside regular maintenance has been, new ceiling panels in the main cabin, new propeller (Max-Prop),new batteries, service of the Genua and as usual maintenance/repair of an old teak deck, which is a never ending story.

April 17 First trip for the season. Destination “Wallhamn Marina” and see Henrik “Riggare” Jacobsson. I have ordered a “Selden GX furler system” that he is going to install for me. This new gear will make it much easier for me to handle the Gennaker single handed than the current system with a sock. It was a short leg to Wallhamn only 7 Nm and I was motoring.

April 18 during my way to Wallhamn I realized poor reception/ transmitting of my VHF radio which have been working excellent for years but not now all of a sudden. I called my friend Marcus Åkesson and ask for help and he came and carried out the trouble shooting of my radio system. The findings was poor connection at plugs&terminals. The problem was not resolved to 100% though,,,so next step will be to replace  the old cable in the mast. That is the the only thing what is left to be replaced.This season I will be using my spare antenna located back on the Radar pole. The weather was a little cold today, overcast and only 5-7 C ,wind of 30 knots from SW.

My friend Christian Engerberg (skipper on S/Y Geist) came in the afternoon and joined me for a couple of days sailing around Orust Island. His boat Geist is laying at Rössy Kapell in Smögen for a new Sprayhood installed. We took off for “Åstol Island” in a westerly gale (30 knots) at 17:00 pm,,we were motoring all the way (6-7Nm) due to the wind was right in the nose. During our way to Åstol we hit wind gusts of 50 knots (storm). Åstol harbor  is a well protected harbor (like a lagoon) so we had a nice evening onboard with good “Food & Wine”.

April 19 During our morning walk in the sun (still cold wind though 5-6C) we run into the retired fisherman Rolf ( 85 ) at his “fishing shack”. He invited us to sit down and have a chat with him. He was very interesting to listen to. He told us about his life on the seven seas as well as about his time as a fisherman. We stayed the entire morning with him, at noon we finally took off and head north for “Gullholmen Island”. The wind was WNW 15-20 knots so we set sail for first time. Nice sailing, Crusader made  6- 7 knots. So far, we have been the only pleasure boat in the harbors which is rare. Usually some Norweigian boats is out there,,,they are early birds.

April 20 we left Gullholmen and head for home. We made a short stopover at “Bassholmen Island” for lunch. Arrived Stenungsund at 20:00pm. Another finding during this trip was that I have been setting the Pitch on the prop to less 10,2″. Has to be heavier adjusted for next season to 11,6″. The “Webasto  heather” still surprising me!! I installed it 2006 and have now worked flawless for “10 years”!!!! No maintenance , nothing!!! just worked every year,,even after sitting for 6 month  winter ashore. I would say, the best piece of boat equipment I ever have bought.

April 25 Winter seems to have returned today!! Came down to Crusader and found a pile of snow on deck & in the cockpit. The night has been chilly,,-2 C. I hope the summer will arrive soon,,,it has been cold too long now.

Below are some pics we took during our trip as well the snow on Crusader,,,burr!


Rolf & Christian at Rolf fishing shack, Åstol


The only pleasure boat in Åstol Harbor.


relaxing in the sun at Gullholmen




the only boat in Gullholmen harbor


snow in the Cockpit in April,,,rare


snow in April



The winter has arrived in Stenungsund

After an unusual long & mild fall all the way to Christmas Eve, the cold & snow came after New Year. We never get that rough winters on our latitudes  due to we are located so close to the Atlantic/Skagerack sea which carry the warm Golf stream to our shores. I took some “cold pics” of our home harbor when I was out today.

It was a beautiful winter day,sunny, no wind and blue sky. One of those few days during the winter season you actually enjoy to spend time outdoor.

Time go faster now and launch of S/Y Crusader doesn’t feel that far away . We get more daylight hours now (which indicates that the spring is coming) and the annual “Gothenburg boat show” coming up soon (6-14 Feb). For most sailors is boat shows the turning point and reminder that 2016 sailing season in Sweden is around the corner.

Upgrades on Crusader during this winter have been, a new propeller “Max-Prop”, and 3 “USB outlets”,,you know, all those Iphones,Ipads and other gadgets which need USB power. A sensor has also been installed on the grey water tank to monitor the level. Besides that, not much new stuff installed just regular maintenance.

Submit som Pic’s below how a nice winter day looks in Stenungsund,Sweden.


The new Max-Prop


Crusader in her winter dress


view over the sound of Stenungsund


-17 degrees C in Stenungsund


S/Y West-Monsun,, own by Sten & Annika. use to live aboard all year-round


the bridge over to Stenungsund Island


Last trip for the season in Bohuslän

This summer and fall have been very little sailing with Crusader. The reason was that my mother passed away and I have been busy to take care of her home and the things around her funeral. I also got friends (8) from Phoenix ,USA visiting me for a week.

In september (12-19) I got time to get out there before I take Crusader ashore for the winter.

An old friend Bert Wate called me up one day and asked if he could join me for 3 days sailing. Bert and I worked together at Volvo Cars during the 70’s and 80’s. Bert live nowadays in Sarasota,Fl but spend most of the summers in Sweden. That was a fun reunion.

Christian Engerberg on S/Y Geist (Mistral 33) came along as well as Stefan Brunzell on S/Y Franziska (Vindö 50) so we were a flotilla of 3 yachts. First stop was “Slubbersholmen” west Mollön. We had a nice sailing in sunny weather. All 3 SXK bouy’s were occupied so we had to drop the anchor. After a delicious dinner made by “Chef Bert” onboard Crusader  we jumped over to S/Y Geist for coffee. We didn’t “hit the hay” until 1 am,,too much to talk about after all those years.

Next day (sept 13) we sailed to “Little Kornö” NW Lysekil in a SW Breeze of 6-10m/s. We were the only guests in the harbor. After sightseeing on the island and a fresh hot shower we went for dinner on S/Y Franziska treated by “Chef Stefan”. Another late night came up.

Sept 14. At 11:am we head out from “Little Kornö” and sailed to Kungshamn where Bert signed off from Crusader and catch a bus/train back to Stenungsund and later Varberg by Car. We had a beautiful day sunny and warm to be a day in mid september. We arrived at noon and said goodbye to Bert. Provisioning was done at the local grocery store (ICA Skeppet) before takin off. Our destination today was “Gluppö basin” and a SXK Bouy. The wind was picking up from SE 11-15 m/s, so Crusader made 6-7 knots on the fore sail only. Later that day the nasty weather (Gale) arrived with rain and wind gusts up to 18 m/s from south. This bad low pressure stayed all night and even next day so we decide to hang on another night until the gale passed.

Sept 16. The bad weather with strong SW wind continue so we decide to turn around and head south again to Smögen “fisherman village” safe harbor. A westerly storm was on it’s way  with strong wind up to 23 m/s and of course heavy rain. We stayed in Smögen all the time to Saturday sept 19. The plan was to sail all the way to Koster Islands during this week, but the weather condition change our plan. On Saturday I sailed straight back to Stenungsund. Geist & Franziska took a detour and sailed to “Slubbersholmen lagun” for a night.  In spite of the nasty weather we had we enjoyed our “gourmet dinners” and refreshments we had every night. It is always fun and enjoyable to sail together with Geist and Franziska.

This is my last report for season 2015, see you all next year. Crusader is  now winterized and covered for the winter.

Take care.


Leaving Stenungsund


Skipper “Christian” on S/Y Geist


Skipper “Conny” on Crusader


Selfie on Christian & Bert


Skipper meeting ! Stefan & Conny


At anchor at Slubbersholmen


Skipper Harlin at the wheel


Docking at “Little Kornö island”


Stefan on S/Y Franziska


Bert Wate


Christian & Stefan


Christian Engerberg playing with his Iphone


Nice sailing view


Docked at Kungshamn


Bridge over to Smögen


Stefan, giving instructions


selfie on all of us,,,


A colony of Seals, resting on a rock


Early morning , sunrise in Smögen harbor


Crusader and Geist in Smögen


S/Y Franziska in Smögen


Conversation between the 2 skippers on Geist and Franziska


Christian , giving instructions where to go,,,,?

Traditional Midsummer at Kalvö/Lindö

To celebrate Midsummer we always sail north to the little Fishermans harbor at Kalvö/Lindö.  S/Y Andante with skipper Ingmar Olsson also go there for Midsummer. We head out June 16 early in the morning to our first stopover Bovallstrand where we meet up with S/Y Andante. Next day June 17 was overcast but fair winds 3-6 m/s from W. We arrived Kalvö/Lindö about 15:00 pm in a wind who had increased to 10-12 m/s and still increasing. we had tough docking (side wind) in this tiny harbor. Took us 2 attempts before we get docked. This little tiny harbor can only accommodate  5-6 sail yachts of Crusaders size. Skipper Jan Persson on S/Y Violi (X-Yacht 442)  was sailing singlehanded so he decided not try to doc this afternoon in this brisk breeze. He choosed a SXK-bouy at Trossö bay over night. Very good decision and seamanship by Jan. He came back next morning when it was more gentle wind (3-4 m/s) and we gave him a hand to doc S/Y Violi.

Midsummer eve june 19 this year is the longest day of the year. According to the Swedish tradition we raise the wildflower dressed “Midsummer pole” (see pics below),  following with a “pick-nick” with the traditional Swedish midsummer dish “pickle heering,sourcreem,chives,boiled new potato and boiled egg. The marinated pickle heering wash down with a shot of aquavit. The desert is of course a bowl of seasons first strawberries with whipped cream.The party goes on to midnight. You know at our latitudes sunset take place around 22:30 pm,(Sunrise 3:30 am),the night never get dark just twilight. This is the brightest night of the year, opposite at Christmas ,daylight only few hours, 11am-15pm.

The weather was nice and the forecast looked promising for the upcoming week so we decide to continue sailing for another week. We visit North Koster Island where we had dinner at Restaurant “Sjökanten” and celebrate the day we got married (June 21 1984).

Other places we visit during our second week was “Otterstenarna at Koster archipelago”, Strömstad city, Musö sältan lagoon, Lysekil city and Slubbersholmen island lagoon. we came back to Stenungsund Sunday June 28,

The Swedish west coast archipelago will be “crowded” during the vacation month of July.  Domestic and foreign boats from our neighbor countries like Germany, Denmark,Holland, Norway are here. S/Y Crusader will be at her home berth most of the time during July due to it is so crowded out there,, it might be few day trips though.

Later in August,Sept and October when ordinary people are back to work and it is more room out there, I plan to go further distances. I need to visit Norway and Denmark before the season is over. At this time I have sailed 500 N M.

Failures: Not much. The only thing was a minor leakage of diesel at one of the banjos attached to the engines feeding pump. Replaced the existing aluminum washers to new copper washers fixed the problem. Lesson learned, no more aluminum washers.

Below are some pics I took during these 2 weeks.


Midsummer pole


Little girl in Swedish old fashioned county dress


Midsummer pole onboard



North Koster,Strandkanten restaurant


The Bar.


My wife Inger and I had dinner at “Strandkanten”


Skipper Ingmar Olsson , S/Y Andante


Restaurant Strandkanten


View over the Sound between North and South Koster, The ferry came by.


Tight “parking” at otterstenarna Island.




Wildflowers at Otterstenarna Island


Family Swan came by,,,and got feeded from my wife


More wildflowers


X-yacht. A beautiful Danish design and built.

Trip to Strömsund, Weather Island in May.

Saturday may 23 at noon we (me and my wife Inger) took Crusader out for a week sailing on the Swedish west coast. Destination was our favorite place Strömsund, Wheather Island. Saturdays wheather was overcast and rain showers. The forcast for the week was clear skys but only 10-14 C airtemp. The wind vary from 8 – 12 m/s from west sunday thru tuesday so we only used the fore sail, we didn’t mess with main. Comfortable sailing with little heeling. We made 6-7,1 kn.  First stopover were at Bassholmen where I havn’t been for years. Bassholmen shipyard is today a museum where you can get a tour and see how they built fishing vessels back in early 1900. There is also a Hostel on the Island. At this time of the season there was no harbor fee. The sky cleared up late afternoon so we took a hike on the Island before Supper. 

Next day we sailed further North to Hunnebostrand. It happens that our friend Lars Brandt was in Hamburgsund too, working on his boat “S/Y SOL”. He came over and see us over a cup of coffee when he was done for the day.

Next day, Monday may 25 we sailed straight to weather Island in a fresh breeze of 10-13 m/s from west so it was close hole sailing all the way. We reefed the fore sail a couple of turns on the furl and still made 6-7 knots in a bumpy sea. We were the only yacht in Strömsund that night. We lit up the grill and had a nice steak for dinner together with a bottle of Zinfandel (Seven deadly Zins). The wind sustained the entire night, but Strömsund is an excellent place to hide when you have stormy weather.

Next morning was another sunny day and now the wind has gone so we had to motor all the way in to Fjällbacka (Ingrid Bergmans place) which was our next stop. Very few (3) pleasure boats in the harbor which is packed in the peak season June – August. We really enjoy the roomy low season on the Swedish West Coast. A lot of tourist tours  came to Fjällbacka to see the historical place where Ingrid Bergman spend her summers and to see the famous cave where Astrid Lindgren recorded the movie “Ronja Rövardotter”.

We stayed a night in Fjällbacka, next destination was “Smögen” fisherman village. The wind was more moderate today , 6-7 m/s from west so we had a nice ride through Hamburgsund down to Smögen. Still sunny clear sky but chilly wind 10-14 C. The harbor fee was record low (27/5) only 50 SEK !!!!  shore power, water, showers all included!! we had lunch at “Göstas” , fish soup. The wind begin to pick up again in the night, 12-17m/s and rain showers.

Thursday May 28 we left Smögen in a southerly wind of 10-15 m/s,,,another day with close hole sailing and a lot of motorsailing too. We head south east to Hermanö island and a SXK-Bouy. The trip was bumpy and wet but we had sunshine anyway.

Next day May 29 the wind was down to 3-5 m/s from sw and we head for home. We arrived our home port around noon and gess what happen,,,The sun disappeared and huge black Cloud came by with a lot of wind and rain, like a Squall in Caribbean … but this cloud had hail too,,it was hail for 7 minutes then it was over. see picture below of the accumulation on deck.

Crusader have 2 regular solar panels installed, 48 + 44=92Watts. When I connect/add the new foldable one of 50W to the system I notice that the fridge compressor went on max cooling. I think the threshold for this is 13,3 volt. I’m happy that the new investment works so good.


Crusader at Strömsund /weather Island


Here you can see my latest Solar panel,,50W. It’s foldable.



View over Fjällbacka


Coffee break at the Docs


Only Crusader at the pontoon,,,,,in Fjällbacka


View over Fjällbacka with the church tower.


Nice Cafe and Restaurant right at the waterfront


Pretty slippery on deck all of a sudden

IMG_0015 IMG_0018